Thinking About NVCC 10/7/2018

Our country was held captive last week by the never ending babblings of our politicians, and the commentaries of the know-it-all newsies. Today we live in a world of many people saying many different things, but nobody seems to be saying much about anything. Our dialogue between each other has come down to the point that being loud, rude, and violent means a person is right. I, like many of you, want to just cover my ears.

Our country is sidetracked by a never ending cacophony of voices, but let me quietly says something that gets us back on track. I wish to say what the Bible says, what this congregation says, and what all Christians say: “Jesus Christ alone is the source of saving righteousness.” The emphasis of all Christians has always been, is, and will ever be upon Jesus. That is because the Christian has utter confidence in Jesus, for he is no less than God himself. Everything else is just mindless chatter.

Why are there so many people who do not believe in Jesus? It all comes back to the question of righteousness and how a person seeks to be accepted as righteous by God. The question has always been, “In whose righteousness do you trust?” The Christian has come to learn that anyone who trust in their own righteousness will come up short of the glory of God and be put to shame on Judgment Day. But anyone who humbly accepts the gift of God’s own righteousness will be saved.

Quietly Speaking,