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Thinking About NVCC 6/25/2017

Jesus said, Where two or three have gathered together in my name, I am there in their midst,” (Matt. 18:20). Here is a revelation of the power of Jesus’ Church; the promise of His presence within the church when it has fulfilled the conditions He laid down.

Two words stand out in His statement, “Where, and there. They explain how the church can have the ethical authority that commands attention in world gone wrong. How does the church obtain such ethical authority that commands the world’s attention? It is where the conditions of Jesus statements are met, there He will be in our midst.

You cannot be a church of one, though many today are trying that. There must be two or more and not the individual. I’m not saying a person cannot still pray alone, but I’m commenting on what Jesus is talking about – His church. The principle that is to be met is, “Gathered together in My Name.” It means where people gather to receive His salvation, gather to be made pure, gather to submit to His authority, and gather to be ruled by Him. Under those conditions there He will be. Anyplace where two or more are gathered in Jesus name, and who have yielded themselves to his conditions there He will be.

The church that knows the where and there of Jesus presence knows when it gathers, when it prays, when it asks, and when it yields that it is His church unconquerable.

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