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Thinking About NVCC 10/5/2014

The critical moment arrived and Judas yielded to Satan. Somewhere Judas made a wrong turn; he pressed ahead instead of repenting. Ever so gradually Judas became a pawn of the Devil. Judas is disturbing for he was a man who saw the light, understood it, but chose the darkness anyway.

If betrayal on this magnitude is possible by Judas then it is possible for any follower of Jesus today. Therefore, the Judas story is a warning that we too are in danger of misunderstanding Jesus and his work, and being seduced by our own dreams and visions of life.

There are lessons to learn from Judas: His spiritual turning point was gradual; it did not happen all at once. Like Judas our betrayal of Jesus is gradual and does not happen all at once. This means we must be always on guard in our physical and spiritual lives for compromise. Another lesson: Satan’s reach entered into the most private of settings; Jesus inner circle. Where Jesus is at work, Satan’s attack is more acute. We must be on guard at all times to the sanctity of our church, our service, and where we take our witness too.

Happy but cautious,




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