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Thinking About 4/17/2016

My son has relocated to a new city, so he is church shopping. Last Sunday he visited a church near his apartment. After the service he called to tell me about the church. He said, “Dad, I had to leave, for they spent the entire service criticizing others about their sins.” I recalled this truism, “The chief insult we have about others is actually our chief compliment to ourselves.”

After the phone call I read this, “The Church itself has not yet grasped the fullness of the love of God in Jesus as seen in His attitude toward sinning men. Never were his lips disfigured by the curve of contempt. Never did His face convey to sinning men the assumption of superiority. Never did he say a hard thing to a sinning soul.”

Jesus loved sinners, made friends with them, did not patronize them, or denounce them. Oh that the Church might begin to share the love of God as revealed by Jesus. That love is not a pity that excuses wrong, it is love that dies for wrong. The measure in which we have seen God as Jesus revealed Him is the measure in which we are prepared to be the friend to sinners.

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