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Thinking About NVCC 11/3/2013

People who live on the streets suffer in multiple ways: Physically they are in need, mentally they are distrustful of others, and spiritually they are restless. Yesterday we had the opportunity to enter their world and minister to them and our goal was to meet those needs.

It is said that music calms the savage beast, so Karmann played and sang. Rick was kind enough to let me speak the word into their lives, and share communion with them. As I preached you all sat with them at the tables and fellow-shipped. We brought warm clothes we thought they might need. Then we served them hot food to nourish and warm them on a cold morning.

We are a small congregation, but as Rick said to me, “When your church comes down here you really bring it.” As a congregation I think we never looked so much like Christ as we did yesterday.

Good on ya,





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