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Thinking About NVCC 10/30/2016

The salvation of Jesus Christ is holistic, by that I mean it is complete. With that said we should understand there are many dimensions to living in harmony with God. I think most of us understand in one sense salvation is a legal transaction. We as humans are guilty of sin, and as sinners we stand against a God who is holy. Because God is holy he must deal with our sin because it is an assault against who he is. Enter Jesus, who died on the cross in our place. Jesus gets what we deserve; we get what Jesus deserved. Doesn’t sound fair, but that is grace.

If salvation is just a legal transaction in which we are forgiven of our sins so we can go to heaven, then salvation essentially becomes a ticket to somewhere else; salvation kicks in when we die. But Jesus did not teach this. Jesus said that when we believe, we have, “… crossed over from death to life,” (John 5:24). When I enter into a relationship with God through Christ, I am connected with God now, and forever.

Jesus salvation is now, and that is important for us to understand because I need God now, I need healing now, I need help now. Yes, there are greater things that will come someday, but salvation is now.

Give Him Praise!




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