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Thinking About NVCC 8/25/2013

Children today do not know a time when everyone didn’t have an i-phone, i-pod, or i-pad. Thirty years ago, an apple was something you ate. Today, eating the wrong apple might land you in the psych-ward of a hospital.

A study 100 years ago showed people felt the number of items necessary for life was around 50. That same study today showed the number has soared to 500. I guess our expectations in life have changed a bit.

Today, we welcome Rick Smith from You Matter Ministries. Rick ministers to those who are living on the edge of life; most don’t even own 50 items. His ministry supplies those in need with life’s physical necessities and, more importantly, with the spiritual necessity of the Gospel message.

Thank you , Rick, for taking my spot today and giving Cindy and me something that is necessary for a healthy life, a break.

Taking a rest,




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