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Thinking About NVCC 7/30/2017

A rich young ruler came to Jesus seeking answers to questions. His questions were sincere, for he did not have any ulterior motives. The man had much going for him. He was moral, rich, and obedient to the Laws of Moses, yet he knew God was requiring more of him. He asked, “What … must I do to get eternal life?” What does eternal life mean? Does it mean a continuation of the life we presently live? No, for the young man was aware that his present life was lacking.

The young man sounds like us, for we too know our present life is lacking. We seek eternal life, yet we do not know how to obtain it. We are aware of the infinite and hear its call, yet do not know how to grasp it. We hear echoes of the eternal, and do not know how to obtain it. Our record appears clean, yet we know it is not. The answers to our questions leaves us hungry, thus we ache for more. Nothing we do brings us rest, and so we attempt to take hold of a life that will satisfy the deepest in us. We know there is more than flesh. We know there is more than we already possess.

In summary what is our cry? It is the cry of God’s lost child calling out after their Abba God. We are seeking God, seeking life, and all this before we ever come to Christ.

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