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Thinking About NVCC 12/2/2018

We are surrounded by a lot of tension these days. It is being brought on by many things such as: The 24 hour news cycle, political arguments, changing social dynamics, and our desires to have it all in a country that seems to have it all. The level of tension has gotten so bad that one report states that 1 in 5 American adults are on some type of anti-depressants, or anxiety medication.

How is a Christian to respond to this tense world we are living in? Get up tomorrow morning and do God’s Will. Go to your office, your business, your workshop, and your appointments because you realize that God is bidding you to go. Do not think any more like the world on the drudgery of your work. Cancel the word commonplace from your vocabulary. Keep His commandments in your mind, and your heart. If you will do this you will be protected from the tension, depression, and anxiety of those around you. Do this and your day will be transfigured from the lowliness of your job or task into a thing of glory and beauty for God.

In the home, office, the street, the store, the gym, and the hospital do each thing because it is God’s bidding, and you will see Him, in his glory, toiling with you through your day. And you will know that in your doing his bidding that you are building His city; you are building His kingdom. Simply do this and your life will be changed.





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