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Thinking About NVCC 3/12/2017

I read a story this week about a man who was in an art gallery and was overheard criticizing a work by one of the great masters. The story caught my attention for two reasons. First, because my wife is an artist and second, the story’s point: The man thought he was criticizing the painting, but in truth the painting was criticizing the man. I bring the subject up as a springboard to my reply to those who criticize the church for such things as not having any saints, it’s filled with hypocrites, and Christians, are people who are just weak.

Suppose it were true that no holy person could be found in the church, is the presence of imperfection justification for the absence of the critic’s perfection? If there is no holy person in your local church then shouldn’t its critic be the first? Is your argument really because no person has done it, no person can do it. If that was true than no master would ever have painted a masterpiece, no mountain was ever climbed, and no discovery was ever made. All great things in this life were made by those who blazed the trail, and not by those who criticized.

It is said, “Christ is as great as your faith will allow him to be.” Don’t be afraid to be the first, for all of God’s resources are at your disposal. Dare to be the first. Critics are many, but masters are few.

Be the First,





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