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Thinking About NVCC 4/30/2017

The superlative desire of Jesus is to teach His followers His mind. Paul states this is so, “We have the mind of Christ” (1Cor. 2:16). What is the desire of Christ for us? That we would have His mind, for wisdom of the world leads to nothing. What does it mean to have the mind of Christ? When exploring this question three things seem to emerge: The beauty of Holiness, the possibilities for things lost, and the beauty in claiming lost things.

What is, “The beauty of holiness,” (Ps 96:9)? We know that Jesus came from God, (Cf. John 17:3), and because Jesus came from God it was written of Him, “How great is His goodness, how great is His beauty,” (Zech. 9:17). God sent Jesus, consequently all things were viewed by Jesus through that relationship, and the issue of holiness is always beauty.

When Jesus came into the world He found beauty spoiled. Despite what he found, He knew that everything had the possibility of restoration, renewal, and recreation. He knew this because He knew God and that gave Him a conviction of the possibilities for lost things.

Jesus knew the beauty of holiness, and the possibility for things lost, and therefore He considered His death on the cross to be the highest glory that could be granted to Him. Through His death God’s beauty would be known in creation, and those things lost would be restored. This was the master inspiration of His mind, and thus he emptied Himself!

His Mind,





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