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Thinking About NVCC 9/13/2015

We are changing our service a bit today and hope you are pleased. However, make no mistake about this service, for it asks some tough questions such as: What shall I do, then, with Jesus who is called Christ?

Why ask such a question? You may admire our service, and be entertained by our songs, but that is not enough for you may well be living on the borders of the church. You may have had clean water sprinkled on you, been plunged beneath the water, had hands placed upon your head, had your name mentioned in a solemn service, and learned the appropriate time to say amen, but you are not of His Church if you have not gotten away somewhere from it all and truly answered this question about Jesus.

As the pastor, and the good shepherd I must ask if you are an instrument of the Lord’s. Is the Word of God from you simply sounding brass, and a tinkling cymbal; a clang, a clash and a clatter? God deliver us for no one is fooled. Or are you a reverberating sound bidding the fallen to look up?





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