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Thinking About NVCC 9/11/2016

Jesus finished His Sermon on the Mount with three allegories: Two gates – narrow or wide, two fruit trees – good or bad, and two foundations – sand or rock. The allegories are warnings that a choice about Jesus must be made. Matthew has portrayed Jesus as the adjudicator of humanities destiny, thus the choice is one with eternal consequences.

In Jesus’ allegories He asks, “What will you do with me?” Will you pass through the wide or the narrow gate? Will you follow me, or reject me for the world?” Jesus asks, “Will you find in me the inner source of transformation that produces the good fruit of life, or will you follow the voices of the world that promise everything, but deliver only emptiness?” Jesus asks, “Will you obey God’s will and come to me as your Lord and Savior, or will you chase after false manifestations of spirituality?” Jesus asks, “Will you build your life on my solid rock, or build on that which will leave you unprepared for the storms that are about to break over you and wash you away?”

Not pretty pictures are they? But these are the question Jesus asks you to answer. The days of this earth have been allotted, and this world may end sooner than you think, so you must be prepared at all times for what lies beyond. Therefore, I must ask, “What are you doing with Jesus?”





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