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Thinking About NVCC 5/21/2017

Has there ever been a time when you thought you knew Jesus very well, and then suddenly He seem to pivot and head in a new direction. At that time did Jesus seem quite different to you? Did the Jesus you knew suddenly seem like a contradiction to you? Was it because He was leading you in a direction that you did not want to go, or even want to think about?

The reason for His change lies in the severity of his call. Jesus is committed to the building of the Kingdom God, and his church. He is committed to the battle against all the forces that are against God and man, and He must have those associated with Him be just as committed. Jesus in his day gathered many people around him, and even today He gathers many people around him, but those who follow always find a strange sifting going on by Him. He is always asking, “Will you go where I’m going?”

Like the prophet Nehemiah who rebuilt Jerusalem with a trowel in one hand and a sword in the other, so Jesus came to build and fight! Jesus says to anyone who follows him, “Deny yourselves, and take up My cross.” The battle Jesus is fighting will not be won by popular acclaim, but by solid building and hard fighting. Jesus asks, “Who is coming with me? Who will fight? Who will build?” If our answer is, “I will go!” Then we must be ready for change.







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