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Thinking About NVCC 12/6/2015

The religions of the world, with the exception of Christianity, teach salvation by works. They teach in order to be accepted by God one must do more good works than bad works. As one Muslim explained it, “If I’m driving my car and drive through a stop sign, then I stop twice at the next stop sign.”

There is a story that explains the difference between the World’s religions and Christianity. A man fell into a pit and could not get out. Buddha passed by, looked at the man and said, “Poor fellow. You were foolish to get into such a mess. I’m sorry that I can do nothing to help you.” And Buddha walked on. Shortly Mohammed passed by. He said, “I am sorry I can’t help you out of the pit, but if you ever get out I may be able to give you some advice which will keep you from falling in again.” And Mohammad walked on. Then Jesus of Nazareth passed by. He said nothing, but got down into the pit and lifted the man out. The point is this: Jesus does for us what we, or anyone else, cannot do for ourselves.





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