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Thinking About NVCC 11/25/2018

We returned to the white chapel last Sunday for our services. The reason for the return was to celebrate the buildings 50th anniversary at its present location. The chapel was built so someone would have a place to come and tell God’s side of the story, and speak about the Kingdom of God. After fifty years the building, for the most part, sits empty. Sad!

Pioneer Village is open five days a week, and during those five days visitors to the village make their way back to the distant corner of village where the chapel sits, and look upon it with nostalgia, but they see it as a building whose time has gone by. On occasion someone will rent the building for a wedding, but usually it sits unused, the pulpit vacant, the bell calling worshipers to service remains un-rung, and the pews empty. Sad!

I thought of the building this week and how it, in many ways, speaks of the condition of the Christian Church in America. The American Church today is like the chapel for it is thought of when someone wants to get married, when there is a funeral, when Easter and Christmas rolls around, or when there is an emergency. The pulpit is not empty, for there is still a message to deliver. There are bells still calling worshippers to services, but the pews remain empty. Sad!

The Church Neglected,




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