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Thinking About NVCC 3/1/2015

This morning after my Bible reading, prayer, and a cup-of-Joe I found myself whistling, “I love you lord, and I lift my voice…” I remembered a Bible verse, “A shout of joy comes in the morning” (Ps 30:5).

Joy has gone AWOL from our nation, work, families, and lives. I wondered, “Where did our joy go?” One would think with all of our advantages, opportunities, and prosperity that joy would be found on every street corner. But our joy is gone, and it’s absent has left a vacuum and vacuums must be filled. We are replacing our joy with tension, frustration, anger, and depression. I’ll stop there because you certainly don’t need a bunch of ugly adjectives bouncing around in your mind, but do ponder the thought.

There is a keen sense of delight in our worship service each Sunday. That may be archaic to say in a cynical world, but I say it because you may be wondering what it is that you are experiencing when you shake your neighbors hand, hug the person from across the room, see light in another’s eyes, and hear laughter. Well it is joy, and

God wants you to experience it.

Happy you’re here!




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