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Thinking About NVCC 9/27/2015

Two statements stood out in last week’s sermon, and I hope you thought so too. The first one was: A Christian cannot have confidence in the flesh and also have confidence in Christ, for the two are mutually exclusive. By that I mean, you cannot have one foot in the camp of self-confidence and another foot in the camp of trusting in Jesus. The Christian must have both feet firmly planted in Christ. The second statement was: Paul had to drop the concept that he and God were partners in justification and salvation, and accept the means of righteousness that God alone provides.

The two statements reminded me of the Old Testament story of Uzzah. He was helping David move the Ark of the Covenant back to Jerusalem. On the way the Oxen stumbled and Uzzah reach out to steady the Ark so that it would not fall; God struck Uzzah dead. The point of the story is: God does not need man’s help.

The two statements and Uzzah’s story have the same lesson. God does not need our help, and we therefore are not in partnership with him in our salvation. Christ is all sufficient to save.

Jesus Saves,




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