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Thinking About NVCC 11/10/2013

Heading east on Anthem Way after you cross the I-17 there is a sign that reads, “Anthem, life in abundance;” it’s our community’s official tag line. The sign describes us well, for we do have an abundance of what life offers. For instance, did you know we have four Starbucks within a five mile radius; apparently we drink an abundance of lattés.

With so many offerings we must choose what to do with our time off. One woman told me what her choice was out of her abundance. She chooses to sleep in on Sunday. She went on say that because our church starts at 9:30 it interfered with her choice. However, if we would start at 10:00, like other churches, she would then be able to come to church. I thought, “I know where you can get a latté to wake you up.”

Abundance pales to eternity, but it massages, pleases, comforts, and treats us, and therefore, abundance obscures the everlasting and allows us to make absurdly foolish decisions.





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