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Thinking About NVCC 3/20/2016

Today people are seeking absolute answers to their questions. The word absolute means, “Excellent in quality or nature.” The Christian apologist Ravi Zacharias points out four questions we seek absolute answers to: Evil, justice, love, and forgiveness. Evil, how do we define and explain it? Justice, what is just and unjust? Love, what is love; is it brotherly, godly, or erotica? What is forgiveness? We hurt someone, and ask them to forgive us.

Our search for life’s answers is complicated by a world of changing truths. Against this world, we open the Bible and read the unchanging Word of God. From the Bible we learn there is only one place in the world where the answers to these four absolutes converged at one moment, and that is at Calvary. The evil of the world was thrown upon Jesus Christ. The justice of God was executed. The love of God displayed through his Son. The forgiveness of God was heard in the Sons words, “Father forgive them for they no not what they have done.”

Embodied in the crucifixion and displayed on the cross are God’s answers to the absolutes questions of evil, justice, love, and forgiveness that man searches for.






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