Thinking About NVCC 6/18/2017

The disciples were arguing, “Which of them would be the greatest,” (Luke 9:46). They forgot Jesus had said the person who is least in His Kingdom would be greater than John (Cf. 11:11). Their question implied they were thinking of worldly greatness.

Jesus by-passed the disciples in His answer, and called a child into their midst. Jesus said to enter the Kingdom of Heaven one must have the character of a child. That may have been startling to the disciples, as it might be startling to us today. For the church often places some mystical practice, esteemed prophet, or saint in the center of the congregation and says here is an example of greatness in the Kingdom of God. Jesus said something just the opposite. He took the quarreling disciples back to the narrow gate, and put a child in their midst and said, “You cannot enter into the Kingdom until you are like this child.” What are the characteristics of a child? They are characteristics such as: Trusting, innocent, impressionable, and inquisitive.

Confess Jesus as the Christ, and wonder of wonders he takes you back, by way of His metamorphosis, to being a child again, and all the characteristics of a child spring forth in your life. Place the crown upon Jesus head, and in so doing He will reign within you, and make you a child again. At any moment of the day anyone can be great in the kingdom of God by confessing, Jesus is the Christ, the son of the living God.

Born Again,




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