Thinking About NVCC 1/6/2019

Christmas is the time of year we celebrate the advent of Jesus, but we should remember that he is coming again. We are all waiting in the midst of earth’s struggle for it. Heaven is waiting for it. Earth is waiting for it. Hell is waiting for. The universe is waiting for it. Yes, this Jesus is coming again. This is part of the hope and the song for the world at Christmas time.

We today live between the two advents. Our relation to the first creates our relationship to the second. To trust in the first is to wait for the second. So I must ask, as we go into the New Year, “How stands you and your soul between the two advents?” If Christ is welcomed into your house all year, then welcome the New Year with joy. However if your intention is to continue crucifying this Christ in the coming year by what you do, then I say stop your celebration, cease your joy, for it is blasphemy to crucify Jesus every day of the year and then celebrate Christmas.

If you have found room in your heart for him who no one had room for at his first coming, then this is truly a time for celebration. But if you have shut him out, I warn you that when he comes again he will do with you what you have done with him. He is coming again. Trust in the meaning of the first coming, so that you will not be ashamed at his second coming.




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