Thinking About NVCC 12/16/2018

When do Christians have the freedom to do something, and when should we judge someone? Because of God’s grace the Christian has freedom, but we must not abuse our freedom and cause another to stumble. Here are the guidelines to our freedom that Paul gave to the Corinthian Church:

1. Will my freedom lead to slavery (1Cor. 6:12)
2. Will my freedom make me a stumbling block or a stepping-stone (8:13)?
3. Will my freedom build me up or tear me down (10:23)?
4. Will my freedom only please me, or will they glorify Christ (10:31)?
5. Will my freedom help win the lost to Christ or turn them away (10:33)?

The way we use our freedom and relate to others indicates whether we are mature in Christ or not.

If there comes an instance when you must judge then here is a guideline for judging that is based on Matt. 7:1-6:

1. Do not judge if you struggle with the same sin.
2. Do not judge if you struggle with a secret sin.
3. Do not judge if God has not spoken clearly.
4. Do not judge a non-Christian by Christian standards.

When you do judge:

Judge when God has spoken on a subject.
Judge what God says to judge.
Judge in God’s way.

Remember this thought about judging, which I have found to be true. The chief judgment that we have against somebody is actually the chief compliment that we have about our self.

Freedom and Judging,



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