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Thinking About NVCC 3/4/2018

John’s Gospel records Jesus final cry on the cross was, “It is finished,” (19:30). John used a single Greek word to record this triumph – tetlestai. This was a common word used by the Greeks for a debt that was paid in full. On the cross our debt for sin is tetlestai, paid in full!

The teachings of all religions, except Christianity, is a person must do some good works to counter or cancel out a sin they have committed. Its religion with a balance scale. As long as a person does more good works than bad works then God will accept the person into heaven at the end of their life. The fallacy in this thinking is failing to understand that God is holy, and therefore everything we do must be holy. Therefore, we cannot do any extra merit or good works to make up for a sin, for everything we do must already be holy. The conclusion is, once we have committed a sin there is no way to undo it, or make up for it.

There are only two possible answers to our sin problem. Either we pay the penalty to God – which we cannot do, or someone else must pay the price for us, and we receive a pardon for our sin. On the cross God’s Son paid the price for our sin once and for all. On the Cross the penalty for our sin is tetlestai, paid in full. The Cross means we are forgiven.

Grace and Mercy at the Cross,



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