Thinking About NVCC 2/11/2018

The essence of any trial is that a fair and honest verdict is arrived at. There is no debate that any of Jesus’ trials were fair, for his accusers spit on Him, mocked Him, and slapped Him. Today, Jesus simply wants each and every individual to give him an honest hearing. A hearing where the evidence is displayed and the witnesses heard. He wants the public things he has done made known, so that everyone can see them and make a judgment. Today, most do not give Jesus a fair hearing, and though they do not spit on Him, mock Him, or slap Him, they do simply turn their backs on him and walk away.

The question the trials were attempting to settle was, “Are you the Christ the Son of God.” (Matt. 26:63)? Because of the way the trials were conducted the question was never resolved, so today we each must answer the question: Who do you say Jesus is? If your answer is, “He is a mad man.” Then I say ignore him. If your verdict is, “He is guilty as charged.” Then I say forget him. However, if you have studied the evidence, looked at the signs, read His discourses, and determined that he is the Christ; then fall at his feet and proclaim him the Christ, the Son of the living God! And then live your life as though you believe that statement.

What is your verdict?



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