Thinking About NVCC 2/4/2018

As you read the passion narratives in the Gospels we see Peter, and Judas flanking Jesus as he enters his final days on earth. Their actions are the actions of men who abandoned their divine calling as disciples. They abandoned their calling because they did not draw upon the realities Jesus had displayed to them in his three years of ministry.

Peter the denier, and Judas the betrayer are examples for us today. Judas was never truly a follower of Jesus. You realize this when you read the highest title he ever gave Jesus was “Rabbi,” (Matt 26:25), and never addressed Jesus as “Lord.” The Gospels do not whitewash Peter’s failures. Peter argued with Jesus, disobeyed Jesus, went to sleep when asked to pray with Jesus, ran ahead of Jesus when, in his zeal to help Him, cut off Malchus’ ear, and lastly he denied Jesus.

In Judas and Peter we see ourselves. Each of us must decide: will it be betrayal, the sword or the cup? Will we resist God, or submit to God’s will? At any time we can betray Jesus in any number of ways. At any time we can take up a sword and fight our battles using the wrong weapons. Or at any time a person can lift the cup of salvation to their lips and drink it in faith. The question becomes, which is it for you: Betrayal, the sword or the cup?




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