Thinking About NVCC 11/26/2017

Jesus’ Olivet Discourse contains a dizzying array of prophecies that are unclear. Because they are unclear one can easily find, with a little research, many differing opinions as to what they mean, and when they will occur. A good attitude to have about some prophecies is to just trust God as you wait for Jesus return.

Waiting for Jesus is not laziness, sleeping, or abandonment of effort. Waiting for Jesus means remaining active, being alert, and prepared for God. Isaiah 64:4 informs us, “God works for him that waits in Him.” The Hebrew word, “Waiting,” has a close relationship to another Hebrew word that means, “To entrench.” We do no damage to Isaiah’s verse by saying, “God works for him that entrenches himself in Him.” I like this thought because the idea of waiting sounds passive, but the image of entrenching is one of action. It’s the idea of digging ourselves in to God.

Waiting for Jesus to return then is an adjustment of our lives to the truth concerning Him that is revealed in the Bible. When circumstance are chaotic, impossible to understand, or know what the outcome will be, then that is the hour in which we entrench our self into God. Why? Because God is the one certainty that we can rely on. We do have a sense ourselves, but there are infinite number of mysteries of our being, and of what tomorrow will bring. Thus we entrench ourselves in God, for it is only God we can be certain of.

Waiting for God,





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