Thinking About NVCC 10/22/2017

Our hearts are again broken with the news of another shooting; lives ended and lives changed. Our nation gasps in horror, and sheds a collective tear. Rising from the horror come voices saying, “Do something. Do something. Do something!” The politicians see an opportunity to advance themselves, so they propose laws they have not thought out, or know won’t work, but at least they can say they are doing something. How hollow are their words and actions, for we know, in the not too distant future, we again will bear another such evil.

Why are we surprised when this happens? We have bathed our lives in movies of senseless violence. We allow our children to spend endless hours playing computer games that kill fictional people. We send our children to schools that teach there is no such thing as truth. Then we plant them in front of a TV that is absent of any moral character. Marriage has become a swamp of fathers and mothers abandoning their families, both physically and mentally, in the search of personal fulfillment and happiness. We have raised our children in the muck and mire of life, and are surprised that what arises out of that primordial ooze are adults who are brutal, ruthless, and uncaring.

Two-thousand years ago Jesus did do something; He inaugurated a new kingdom of peace, love, and joy. You want to do something about the mass killings? Then let it start with you proclaiming the real answer to the problem – Jesus!

Jesus is the answer,



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