Thinking About NVCC 10/15/2017

Many today are of the opinion that God is a jealous, angry king with entirely human judgments. A God who is impulsive, and unpredictable with a stern human heart. He sits above the earthly realm with a furrowed brow waiting to cast punishment down on anyone he finds having a good time. Yes, He is seen as holy, but wrongly seen as a holiness that is in essence a cold morality of some unknowable principle of righteousness.

What is the correct notion of God? A short sentence in the Bible gives us a good explanation, “God is love,” (1John 4:8). This sentence helps us to correct any wrong notion we may have of God, for God is love is the harmonizing theme of the entire biblical story from Genesis to Revelation.

Take an example from Genesis, “God walking in the garden,” (Gen. 3:8). God calls out to Adam, “Where are you,” (9)? Adam does not answer. He was hiding from God because he had sinned. Here is my point, God’s call to Adam was not the call of a policeman looking to punish a sinner. It was the cry of a father’s broken heart! God’s heart was broken for the fellowship between Him and man had been broken by sin. What follows then through the whole of the Divine Library is the story of a God who will do anything to restore the relationship that was lost. It is the story of God’s love bearing all things, enduring all things, and hoping all things with a love that never fails.






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3 responses to “Thinking About NVCC 10/15/2017

  1. Myrna Ward

    Amen Pastor Kirby, amen! Blessings from an old aquatenance. Myrna and Daisy.

  2. Myrna Ward

    Amen Pastor Kirby, amen! Blessings from an old aquatenance. Myrna and Daisy.

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