Thinking About NVCC 9/3/2017

After Jesus’ triumphant entry into Jerusalem he went to the temple. Mark 11:11 says he, “Went to the temple. He looked around at everything …” In the Greek language, “Looked around,” is just one word. A literal understanding of this word is, “He looked round about upon all things.” The idea is Jesus looked thoroughly into what was going on at the temple, and He gave deep thought to what he saw.

The next day Jesus returned to the temple and, having looked round about upon all things, He knew the ideals of God were not being maintained. Therefore he cast out the merchants, the money changers, and would not allow merchants to shortcut through the temple. With the temple gleaned, Jesus is then seen standing guard over the temple and using if for its intended purpose. This is a beautiful picture of Christ as Lord and Master of the temple healing sick people with children singing hymns around Him. For a moment God’s Temple was used for its intended purpose.

Today the temple is gone, but a new temple can be found. It is found in the body of every believer. When a person accepts Christ’s offer of salvation, He comes into that person and looks round about upon all things, and whatever is there that does not uphold the ideals of God He casts out. According to 2Cor. 6:16 the Christian then becomes the temple of the living God. If the Christian’s body is God’s Temple, isn’t it time we began treating it like it is?

His Temple,





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