Thinking About NVCC 8/13/2017

Matt 19:29 records Jesus’ promise of a, “A hundred fold blessing.” Shortly after that promise Peter said, “We have left everything to follow you. What is left for us?” The statement was one of pride for the good work the disciples had done, and the question was a negotiations for payment for that work. There is a great deal of revelation here about Peter, for he revealed what was on his heart. Instead of trusting God he was demanding to know, “What is in this for me?”

Fast forward to today and let me ask, “Christian are you now receiving a hundred fold blessing from God?” If you are not receiving such a blessing is it because you are negotiating with Jesus. Are you saying, “Jesus, I’ve given you my heart, now what will you now do for me?” Are you saying, “Jesus I will walk with you, if you will reward me.” Such thoughts, and statements are rebellion against Jesus and therefore against God.

If you are a Christian Jesus has already saved you completely. If you have accepted Jesus offer of salvation then it is an accomplished fact, and it is sinful of you to ask Him to do more than what he has already done. It is now your job as a Christian to simply trust Jesus and do what is right, and to get about the business of His Kingdom. If you will do that, then your blessing will truly be, “A hundred fold.”





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