Thinking About NVCC 6/4/2017

In the days before Pentecost the disciples had not only the physical presence of Jesus, but the O. T. Scripture, fasting, and prayer. Yet we read how Jesus was continually frustrated with them. Also Jesus was telling them what he was going to do, but what He was saying wasn’t getting past their own theology; it was getting in the way of them hearing Jesus.

The actions of the disciples teach how we frustrate Jesus today. Today the Christian not only has the completed Scriptures, prayer, and fasting, but we also have the indwelling of the Holy Spirit, and the church. And we have even more. We have the power to move mountains. We have God’s wisdom if we will ask for it and believe we have it. We are told the gates of Hades cannot stand against our confession of faith. We are promised that nothing can separate us from God. We are promised that all are sins are forgiven. We are promised that all we have to do is ask, seek and knock, yet we stand around with our arms hanging down, lacking power, and failing to experience the power of the Christian life.

The power of the Christian life is available to you if you would just have it. Paul wrote, “Put on the full armor of God.” Isn’t it time you stopped being a Marvin or a Mary Milk-toast and do what Paul said to do? Isn’t it time you began acting like a citizen of the Kingdom?

Armor Up,




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