Thinking About NVCC 5/7/2017

As Christians we all want salvation to come to our country, state, city, community, and neighborhood. This is a great desire, but salvation cannot come unless the Gospel is preached. If we truly want salvation to come near to where we live, it is the individual Christian’s responsibility to take the Gospel into the places where they live; the stores where they shop, the schools that teach their kids, and the gyms where they work out.

However, salvation cannot come unless the gospel we preach is believed. Therefore the Christian must live a life that is different from the ways of the world. A life that is so remarkably different that it causes others to ask, “What is different about you?” To which we reply, “A great King rules my life! May I tell you about him?

Before salvation comes there must be repentance. There can be no hypocrisy, or hidden sin in the Christian’s life; it all must be brought to the King’s Cross. Without repentance we will never be believed; we will just be bells without clappers, and parrots repeating words.

Lastly, salvation cannot come unless it is declared that Jesus is the Christ, the Son of the living God. There is no other salvation offered to mankind except through Jesus Christ.

If we truly want salvation to break out in our community then it is up to the Christian to make it happen, for salvation is already here if we will just have it.

Proclaim Him,




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