Thinking About NVCC 4/23/2017

Have you noticed how in the Gospel accounts of Jesus that everywhere He traveled, “Great crowds” (Matt 15:30), of people flocked to Jesus? Whether in a Jewish, or Gentile setting Jesus was the one person everyone turned to for the answer to the problems that plague them. Even today go anywhere in the world and proclaim the Gospel of Jesus and you will have men and women flocking to him. Place Jesus anywhere and in any setting today and men will make Him their leader. That is because Jesus has ability in the presence of our inability.

The mistake the disciples made was they limited their view of Christ based on a personal view, and they thereby limited Jesus. Thus today we learn that the work of Christ is limited by our unbelief. There is much that Jesus would like to do for us, but He limits His actions to where and when the results of his actions will be recognized as coming from Him as the Son of God, and not from our own achievements. Jesus moves in our lives when he knows his movement will bring glory to God.

Here lies a lesson: What stops Jesus, what halts His power from being revealed in our lives is our lack of faith in him. What gives the Christian power to overcome any obstacle, to say to a mountain, “Be moved,” and seeing it move, is a belief that he is able in the midst our inability.

He is Able,




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