Thinking About NVCC 4/16/2016

Good morning and happy Easter to you. Thank you for sharing this Resurrection Day with North Valley Christian Church. In our regular Sunday service we have been working our way through the Book of Matthew, but today we are taking a break from our regular service to celebrate the most important day in the history of all creation; the day Jesus rose from the dead.

The resurrection of Jesus goes back to the beginning of time when God promised He would do it, and the patriarchs put their faith in that promise. The prophets foretold of it and the scribes preserved it. The Psalmist wrote songs about it, and the faithful sang about it. As improbably as it sounds Jesus did it, and today the faithful know it.

Some two thousand years ago God’s grace and mercy kissed on Calvary’s Hill, and three days later bad news lost for all time when Jesus rose from the dead. What does Jesus empty tomb mean to someone today? It means on that day Jesus seized death by the throat and defeated it. On that day the world went from frustration to restoration by the resurrection of Jesus. And on this day we celebrate what Jesus’ resurrection does for us.

Jesus, what a Savior,



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