Thinking About NVCC 2/19/2017

Matthew 13 is titled, “Jesus Sermon of Parables,” and that is because there are eight parables in the chapter. As Jesus was concluding his points he asked the disciples, “Have you understood all these things,” (51). What was Jesus asking them that they understood? He was asking them if they understood how the Kingdom of Heaven begins, what it is like, and how the present age would end. They simply replied “Yes.”

I think Jesus at this moment showed a remarkable amount of patience with his disciples, for he knew the truth; they really didn’t understand. What Jesus did know was He had planted the concepts of the kingdom in their minds. He knew that after His resurrection the Holy Spirit would come and bring those parables to their remembrance, and then their true meanings and understandings would explode in their minds and hearts revealing the truths of the kingdom.

As Jesus had patience with the disciples, he has patience with us, and thus we need not to be impatient with others. Always remember how Jesus dealt with you – with patience and gentleness. I’m not suggesting that we are to water down the truth of God. Let it have its way as Jesus did, and never apologize for it. Remember Jesus said, “Go and make disciples.” He did not say make converts to your own thoughts and opinions.




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