Thinking About NVCC 2/12/2017

When Adam sinned he broke his fellowship with God for himself and his descendants. The first family was cast out of fellowship with God, and “Cherubim and a flaming sword guarded their way back” (Gen 3:24). Since then man has groped in the darkness after God. The ministry of Jesus has opened the spiritual world again to man. He has given us a way back into fellowship with God.

Yes, Jesus has opened the spiritual world again to man, but we still have sorrow, but not as those who have no hope. Because of Jesus we laugh at the terror of the tomb, for we know, “Absent from the body, present with the Lord,” (Paraphrased 2Cor 5:8).We know that when Christ appears again, those who we cry for, because they are gone, will appear with Him in glory. G. Campbell Morgan put it this way, “He has not killed the capacity for sorrow; but he has gilded the teardrop with His smile.” If we follow this king we no longer stumble in darkness, for we are now citizen of his kingdom that is to come. “When the end comes, the followers of this Christ, this king, will look into the face of the rider upon the pale horse, and hail as friend rather than foe,” (Ibid)

This king’s kingdom is over all things that are material, mental, moral, and spiritual, and for that we rejoice, we wait with great expectation, and say in all circumstances of our life, “Your will be done O Lord!”





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