Thinking About NVCC 1/22/2017

There is one phrase in Matthew chapter twelve that is a common thread through the chapter’s entirety: “One greater than …,” (6, 42, & 43). Though the phrase is the same, notice the subject of the phrase is different. Jesus speaking said, “One greater than the temple is here,” “One greater than Jonah is here,” and “One greater than K. Solomon is here.” Jesus states in this one phrase that he is greater than the three great institutions in Israel – the temple, the prophets, and the kings.

Mankind is ever in need of someone who is greater than itself to make it better than itself. Thus mankind is ever in need of a prophet who will speak the Word of God into our lives. Mankind is ever in need of a priest who will go before us and speak to God on our behalf. Mankind is ever in need of a king who is worthy to rule over us.

Never before or after Jesus has there been a man qualified to fulfill all three roles of prophet, priest, and king. Jesus is our prophet for he speaks the word of truth into our lives. Jesus is our priest who offered himself as the one last sacrifice that satisfies the needs of the law once and for all times to those who will accept it. Jesus is our king, for He now sits enthroned over all creation. Jesus is our Prophet, our Priest, and our King.

Do you know him?




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