Thinking About NVCC 11/13/2016

Jesus commissioned the apostles to go to the lost sheep of Israel and proclaim, “The kingdom is at hand,” (Matt. 10:7). Our commission today is a bit different, for it is to, “All the world” (28:19-20). Our message is the Gospel, or the good news. The good news is: Jesus died for our sins, He rose from the dead, and the Kingdom of Heaven is not at hand, but it has actually begun. The King has come, He suffered, died, and rose from the dead. He now offers His salvation to all who will believe.

This message is important because we live in an age where many are looking for something that makes sense in this world. Ravi Zacharias correctly said, “We are looking for a coherent world view to live by. People are looking for answers to: Why is there evil, where do we find justice, where do we find love, and where do we find forgiveness: Evil, justice, love and forgiveness.” There is only one place in all of history where the answers to these four questions converged, and that was on a hill called Calvary.

We don’t need more wisdom – thought wisdom is good. We don’t need more education – though education is good. We don’t need another well speaking leader, or a larger cathedral. The world needs a savior, and as Christians we know that savior is Jesus Christ, and we are commissioned to tell this to others.

Telling others,




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