Thinking About NVCC 10/16/2016

Some men brought a paralytic to Jesus to be healed, (Matt 9). Jesus said to the man, “Take courage son; your sins are forgiven,” (NASB). How does one have courage when facing a difficult situation? Is it by love? No, for love fails. Is it by hope? No, for hope fades as quickly as the day. Is it by faith? No, for faith fears, and falters.

Love fails, hope fades, and faith fears what then is the abiding condition for courage? It is this: A clear vision of Jesus Christ. You say you don’t a clear vision of Jesus, then leave off vision and have only Jesus Himself. I change, He changes not. My love ebbs and flows, his love never dies. My faith, my hope, my love are not the final conditions of real courage, but Jesus Christ himself is. All our fears, and all our panics result from a dimmed vision of Jesus; a dimmed consciousness of Christ. I believe the fears we face today result from a lack of the sense of His presence.

Oh, trembling, terrified, troubled souls look to your Lord Jesus Christ, and with eyes fastened upon Him listen to His words, “Be of good courage.” What does that means? When he says that, He means this: He puts himself between your soul and all the forces in hell and earth that may come against you, and He rebukes them, casts them out, and defeats them.




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