Thinking About NVCC 10/2/2016

What are the realms which cause us to be afraid? In the briefest of terms there are two realms: The unknown future, and the unfathomable present. We think of tomorrow and we are afraid of what will come with the rising sun. We stand in a present moment and think how can I hold on to this moment? These then are the realms from which our fears come from.

In Moses farewell benediction to Israel he sang, “Elohim is your dwelling place, and underneath are the everlasting arms.” (Deut. 33:27). In these words we find the comfort that we seek when we find ourselves afraid of the two realms that assault us. How you ask?

Elohim means: Mighty God, the God of creation. Therefore, He is the God of our beginning, and our dwelling place is underneath His everlasting arms. The Hebrew word underneath has a fascinating definition. It means the bottom, the uttermost limit of the depressing, humbling, and beating down. How far down can your imagination carry you? How deep have you been into life? How profound has been your experience of sorrow? How far have you sunk in some hour of weakness? How near have you come to death? When you recall your lowest level, then underneath that are the everlasting arms of God.

That which lies beyond our ultimate reach, that which lies beyond our imagination, and that which is beyond our thoughts is our God – Elohim.

Praise Him,




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