Thinking About NVCC 9/18/2016

In Matt 8:1 there is a phrase that always arrests me, “He came down from the mountainside.” What stops me is the realization that Jesus came down and came near to those in need. Then I realize how there’s a great company of people today who give testimony that he is still coming down, coming near, and healing. Which means Jesus is just as alive today as He was two thousand years ago.

Therefore, this Jesus then stands among His Church today and says, “So long as anywhere there is a soul under the need of salvation, then you who have the joy of the Gospel are in debt.” He is saying to us who were once outcasts, and found this Jesus to be sufficient for us, then every outcast is a call to us to bring to that outcast the Gospel of Jesus. Wherever we find personal evil, social evil, national evil, racial evil it is a call to us to, “Bring us His Gospel.”

The Christian Church needs to listen to the cries of those who are outcast. What are these cries saying? You are in debt to us. You are in debt for you have the Gospel. Bring it to us. It calls to us like the man from Macedonia who was crying out in a vision to the Apostle Paul, “Come over to Macedonia and help us.”

Paying the debt,



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