Thinking About NVCC 8/14/2016

Jesus’ Sermon on the Mount is His manifesto. His public declaration of policies and principles of the kingdom of Heaven, which He is King of. His manifesto teaches that those who are in his kingdom are to change the dynamics in situations: Go the extra mile, turn the cheek, give the cloak, and give to those who ask.

When it comes to implementing the manifesto Christians often find the words of Isaiah ringing true, “The bed is too short to stretch out on, the blanket too narrow to wrap around you,” (28:20). But Jesus is the king of the kingdom, so why would we think this way? I believe the source of that thinking comes from being a check the boxes Christian.

When we were so many days old someone sprinkled water on us. When we were the appropriate age we were confirmed. We went to church every Sunday, and gave money. We have checked all the boxes and therefore are a Christian; we have done everything to escape God’s anger. Yet the bed is too short, the blanket too narrow.

The problem is that these boxes do not constitute a bed on which we can rest, for it is finding morality in our own works. Unless our life is crowned with the highest thing, Jesus, then the bed will always be too short, and the blanket too narrow.

Crown Him,







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