Thinking About NVCC 7/31/2016

I often have a hardboiled egg with my breakfast. I like when the shell peels off easily, but I get frustrated when the shell sticks to the egg in a hundred different places. I wish I could just select the eggs that will peel easily, so I can shell, eat, and get on with my day knowing that I have done what I needed to do to feed my body.

Today’s verses on the Sermon on the Mount are often referred to as the antitheses, and that is because six times in the section Jesus makes use of the phrases, “You have heard it said … but I say to you.” In the antitheses Jesus stated an Old Testament Law, cited the current popular interpretation of the law, and then instructed His disciples on the true meaning of the Law.

We look at the O.T. Law like hardboiled eggs. We want to pick the laws that are easy to follow, obey them quickly, and get on with our day. We say to ourselves, “I’ve given my nod to God, and he was suitable impressed.”

However, Jesus isn’t teaching us the easy way. Jesus is teaching us what God is like, and sometimes that lesson gives us a difficult egg to peel.

Taking what God gives me,




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