Thinking About NVCC 6/26/2016

Jesus said, “The kingdom of heaven was near.” When the 1st century Jews heard those words certain expectations came to mind; namely the inauguration of a kingdom that was consistent with their own hopes and dreams. When Jesus didn’t fulfill those dreams they threw the king out.

Isn’t this still true today? When we become a Christian don’t we expect God to pour out His blessings on us in ways that are consistent with our own hopes and dreams, and to pour out His wrath on those who we now see as unrighteous? The problem with such thoughts is our hopes and dreams are too often inconsistent with what Jesus said he would do, and we find we have set ourselves up for disappointment in Him.

Jesus did indeed inaugurated the Kingdom of Heaven, but He has his own agenda. Jesus’ agenda is the restoration and judgment of men and women is to be based on how they respond to his message, and not our dreams. Our task is to understand in what ways we can bring our lives into alignment with Jesus’ agenda and message. The phrase, “Thy will be done,” should ever be on our lips.




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