Thinking About NVCC 6/5/2016

John the Baptist questioned Jesus’ request to be baptized, for Jesus did not need to repent or to be forgiven. Jesus replied to John, “Thus it is fitting for us to fulfill all righteousness.” In this statement we see Jesus’ vision, his mission, what was on his mind, and his ultimate goal for which he set his face to do; to fulfill righteousness.

Augustine said, “God has so fashioned the human heart that it never can find rest until it rests in Him.” Augustine saw in his statement that it is possible for men and women to become adjusted to God, for men and women are made in God’s image and thus are made for such an adjustment. Jesus, God/Man, by fulfilling all righteousness was and is able to make the righteous adjustment in all men and women possible.

We are not made for houses, cars, credit cards, and bank accounts, but for God and God alone. God has it in His mind for those who bear God’s own image, which is every one of us, to be adjusted to God’s righteousness. Jesus came to make such an adjustment. The question is: Will you allow him to make it?





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