Thinking About NVCC 5/29/2016

Malachi said, “See, I will send my messenger, who will prepare the way before me.” After Malachi God was silent for 430 years. Then suddenly John the Baptist, or more accurately John the Dipper, came out of the desert like a storm calling people to repent and be baptized. His dress, diet, and desert dwelling reflected the religious crisis of the day. His ministry was that of pointing others to the coming king – King Jesus

John was faithful to the end, for he saw Jesus as the Messiah and pointed others to him. He did not seek glory for himself, or seek to have others to follow him. He sought only to do what God sent him to do, and he was content with that ministry.

Today don’t we live in crisis times? Yes! Yes! Yes! Therefore, we need men and women to be like John. Trusting God so completely with their physical needs that they are free to concentrate on the task at hand; telling others about the coming king. Can we be a John in this world? Can we be just a nobody, telling everybody, about a somebody, who can save anybody?

Doing so in the Great Sonoran Desert,




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