Thinking About NVCC 5/8/2016

Have you heard anyone say, “What our nation needs is for revival to come,” or say in prayer, “Oh that revival would break out.” I say this, “Revival is here, if we will have it.” I pray we talk no more about the indifference of our nation, and instead talk of the indifference of Christ’s Church to its own evangel; its own living power.

Why do we call on Christ to awake and bring us revival when He has never been asleep? It’s His church that has been asleep. Did not Christ said, “I’m with you?” Yes, He did! Therefore, revival has not come because the church has not been with Him. If Jesus’ Church would come to the realization of His living presence, then it would know it does not have to ask for revival, for He is already waiting for His church to arise and build. It is not true to say we need more of the Holy Spirit, but it is true to say the Holy Spirit needs more of us. It is in the realization of the nearness of Jesus that His church finds strength for all He is calling it to do.




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