Thinking About NVCC 4/24/2016

Today we begin our study of the Gospel of Matthew, and at the very outset of this study something impresses me. In Matthew’s Gospel there is not a single recorded word that he spoke or thought. There is no recorded word that Matthew spoke because he did not write to tell about himself, but to tells us about, “The words and works of Jesus Christ, ‘the son of David, the son of Abraham’” (1).

This is remarkable, especially for us today, for we live in an age of I think, I feel, I believe, I need, and I want. Matthew was able to give us an account of the Jesus story free from any of his concerns for self. It’s as though Mathew gave up himself and in so doing found himself in the beauty of the man he wrote about.

Matthew was not hypnotized, mesmerized, or fooled by some sleight of hand magician. He was captivated by the personal relationship of a loving, giving, living man who in the end turned out to be God in the flesh; God with us. Matthew found in giving up himself he found his real-self, and was satisfied forever,

Captivated By Jesus,




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