Thinking About NVCC 4/10/2016

Daniel was a man of purpose. His purpose was simple, yet it was sublime; simple in expression, and sublime in its principle. What was his purpose in the midst of heathen rulers? He would not touch the king’s food, nor drink the king’s wine! That was the simplicity of his purpose, but not what made it sublime. What made it sublime was that he purposed that nothing in this world would rob him of his spiritual life.

Daniel’s deepest purpose was loyalty to God. This was expressed in separation from the corrupting influences of his high position. Because he took a stand at the beginning, he was victorious till the end.

You and I live in a much easier age than Daniel lived in, but with temptations at our disposal more dangerous than Daniel had. Today therefore, everyone needs to be a Daniel with a definite purpose and it should be announced; this is especially true in the matters of the spirit, and the things of the Christian life. Today, surrounded by the allurement and enticement of a godless age, let every man and woman purpose in their heart that he will be loyal to Jesus Christ first, and declare that purpose at the start of each day.

Purposed to God,



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